Frequently Asked Questions

Is my smartphone supported?

Delivery times

All the orders are shipped within 24/48h business days. The selected shipping service informs the time needed for the delivery.

Do you offer customized Cardboard-kits?

For any order of more than 50 products, we can personalized any piece made from cardboard with your own design. Contact us

Can I use a Cardboard-kit if I wear eyeglasses?

Of course! The new Cardboard-kit V2 version is large enough to keep wearing your glasses and enjoy surely your VR experiences.

Is an head-strap included in my Cardboard-kit?

We’ve made the choice to not feature Cardboard-kits with an head-strap. With this equipment you are able to move the head faster than if you handle the headset. Although it’s commonly expected to create a more immersive experience, it actually creates micro latency with the VR apps which might produce dizziness. In the case you decided to use an head-strap, you can purchase some here.