The Best Applications

Top 10 of VR applications

In order to start your immersion in the virtual reality’s world, we have tried out and chosen for you the best VR applications compatible with our Cardboard-kits. These applications are available on Android, and most of them on iOS.

1. Cardboard

The Cardboard application allows you to discover virtual reality on your smartphone. As a real library, it will permit you to join all your favorite VR applications and to find many others. Moreover, some demonstrations are already integrated.

Cardboard PlayStoreCardboard App Store


Cardboard Camera

2. Cardboard Camera

Thanks to Cardboard Camera, immortalize your best moments in order to relive them again wherever and whenever you want with your own Cardboard-kit. This application enables you to take pictures in 360 degrees with your smartphone in only few seconds.

Cardboard Camera Play Store

3. Street View

You probably know Street View? Start to discover Street view in 360 degrees and go wherever you want across the world in immersion !

Street View Play StoreStreet View App Store

Street View

Jaunt VR

4. Jaunt VR – Virtual Reality

Trips, music, movies : there are numerous videos made by JauntVR which will carry you in places even more wonderful the ones than the others.

Jaunt VR Play StoreJaunt VR App Store

5. Arte 360

The Arte channel has implemented its own application including movies and short documentaries in 360 degrees. A good way to discover and to inform differently, in virtual reality.

Arte 360 Play StoreArte 360 App Store

Arte 360



Become the audience member of various movies, play several roles for still more fun.

VRSE Play StoreVRSE App Store

7. Deep Space Battle

This game plunges you at the heart of a spatial battle, as if you were there. Take the operations of your starship, pilot it in every direction and shoot on your enemies.

Deep Space Battle Play Store

Deep Space Battle

Zombie Warfare

8. Zombie Warfare

Ready to confront a pack of zombies?

Zombie Warfare Play StoreZombie Warfare App Store

9. VR Cinema for Cardboard

This application permits you to watch movies or classic videos as if you were at « cinema ».

VR Cinema Play Store

Cinema For Cardboard

Roller Coaster

10. Roller Coaster

Short but intense ! Take your place aboard of this roller coaster hurtling down quickly. Strong thrills guaranteed.

Roller Coaster Play StoreRoller Coaster App Store