What is Cardboard?

A simple and affordable virtual reality headset

CARDBOARD-KIT V2 is a kit turning your smartphone into a real immersive device in getting your money’s worth! To dive into the world of the virtual reality, it’s easy. When you receive all the components included in the kit, only three steps are required to make it work:

Based on the Cardboard project developed by Google, this Do-It-Yourself kit is very easy to unfold.


When the headset is ready, you can download apps on your smartphone and start your 3D journey. Compatible Android and iOS, the apps have been designed to be fun and interactive. You can move into Google Streetview, explore 360 videos and pictures, visit museums… there is a wide range of uses and these are increasing every day.

Towards the easy-to-access virtual reality

A major step has been reached since Google announced the beginning of the Cardboard Project. It has proven it can be simple and affordable to experience the immersive 3D. Formerly only available on Android devices, the virtual reality headset Cardboard is, today, ready for use to all iOS phone owners. Now, it handles screens up to 6 inches, making the headset compatible with a wider range of smartphones such as iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, Nexus 6 or even the Galaxy Note series… List of compatible smartphones